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The de-facto visa is suitable for couples who are living together, when one of them is an Australian citizen or permanent resident.

The application process consists of two parts – the sponsorship and the visa application. The Australian citizen or permanent resident acts as the sponsor.

The visa can be applied for either (on-shore) in Australia or from outside Australia (off-shore)

If you apply on-shore you will be entitled to a bridging visa which will have the same conditions as the visa you are applying for. This option is not available if you apply off-shore

To support your de-facto visa application, you must provide a variety of evidence including:

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  • Documents to confirm you have been living together for at least 12 months immediately prior to application
  • Witness statements from family & friends confirming your relationship
  • Relationship statements from each of you
  • Joint financial/legal commitments
  • Evidence of sponsor's employment
  • Knowledge of each other's personal circumstances

The fees for the de facto visa are:

£ 60.00 initial registration fee
$ 7000.00 AUD government fee (£ 3900.00 approx)
£ 995.00 administration fee
(can be paid in two parts) GST (Goods and Services Tax) can apply

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